What happens in Pegas, Stays in Pegas is the 55th mission in ACT III, set after Oh No!, and is the mission before All's Not Well, Ends Badwell. This is also one of the missions where the protagonist can be Brutus, or Artemis (If Brutus dies in 3 of the Open-Ended decided Missions) The Main enemy is the Las Pegas STAG (LPSTAG) and Las Pegas Police Department (LPPD)


  1. Get Equipment to do the Heist (Defend Cargo Plane, Attack STAG Storage Van)
  1. Prepare for Mission
  1. Enter the bank
  1. Aim at one of the Bankers
  1. Go Into the Vault
  1. Attach Sticky Bombs (C4)
  1. Use the Clacker to Blow the Door Up
  1. Get the Gold Bars ($1,000,000,000)
  1. Protect the Money from Attacking STAG forces
  1. Get to the Armoured Humvee
  1. Protect the Humvee from Serious Damage
  1. Rendevous with Praetorlanii Cargo Plane
  1. Get into the Supercar
  1. Distract STAG
  1. (Luna Control) Takeoff
  1. (Brutus/Artemis) Escape the Highway Patrol


Cash: $150,000,000 Respect: +100 Praetorlanii Infamy: None Fame: None Other:  T52a Armor, Avenger Minigun


  • M32 Gauss
  • M72 Gauss
  • AK112
  • Stielhandgrenate
  • 5.56mm Rounds
  • Microfusion Cells
  • Small Power Cell
  • Various STAG Armour
  • M1600A400
  • Viper Assault Laser Rifle
  • Novasurge Rifle
  • Raygun MkII
  • G11E
  • 4.7mm Caseless
  • S3X Hammer
  • 5.7mm Rounds
  • Atomic Cold Cells
  • Peacekeeper
  • Glock 18c
  • Glock 19
  • P90
  • Riot Shield
  • SHRIKE Ares
  • M72 LAW
  • M16A4
  • 2mm EC


  • The Mission is Based off the Final Heist in GTA V, the Bank Robbery in GTA IV.
  • This is the First Time since ACT 3 since STAG have been a Enemy faction
  • Although ASTC, or the Enclave do Not make an appearence in the mission, ASTC Armor, and an Enclave Weapon are Given to the player, in the end

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