Today Was a Good Day is a mission in Equest Revelations, it has 2 endings and is given by Princess Celestia or Azun Reclottii in the Alternative Aztecan . It is the mission after Azun Bye. the two endings are named as Against Equestria and with Equestria.  It is also Celestia's First Loyalty Mission

Against Equestria Edit

With EquestriaEdit

  • Assemble with the Royal Guard Centurions and Aztecan Juggernauts at the CreepTec HQ
  • Put on the Armor
  • Get a M240 MAG from the Armory
  • Drive to the Royales Warehouse
  • Kill all of the Drug Dealers outside
  • (text) The base is locked!, get into the SWAT APC and drive into the wall
  • Kill all of the Aztecans inside
  • Kill Azoreaon
  • Destroy the Warehouse


  • $1000 in Cash, SWAT APC, Royale Vehicles, Royal Guard Fame, Equestria Fame, Aztecan Royale Infamy, Princess Celestia's Loyalty


  • The Mission is named after Ice Cube's It was a Good Day , which appeared on both GTA San Andreas and The Gangsta Rap radio Station in Equestrian Revelations.
  • The objective of ramming the SWAT APC is similar to The End of The Line Mission from GTA San Andreas, the mission and the With Equestria Endings are very similar with Major differences.

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