"Boring, what else is on?" Brutus Whiling watching the television for more then several in-game hours

Television is an activity in Equestrian Revelations and Hatrai City. To watch TV the player must have:

  • A Safehouse with a Television, if a player doesn't have a TV they can buy one threw the Safehouse customization.

Television Shows and ChannelsEdit

Equestrian Revelations has a maximum of 4 TV Channels 3 are normal Television and 1 is a music station similar to MTV.

  • Pony Channel - Equestria's main Television channel that contains News, Comedy, Cartoons, Drama and History.
  • Channel 4 - Channel 4 is similar to the Pony Channel only with News, Cartoons, History, and Sports along with 'Home Shopping'
  • EquesTV - EquesTV contains News, Cartoons, Music, Comedy, and Movies.

and Finally

  • EMTVC - EMTV Broadcasts Music Videos of most songs in Equestrian Revelations and Interviews of Fictional Versions of the Music Makers.

Every TV Station except EMTVC Has a maximum of 5 - 12 Shows.

Pony Channel:

  • Strings and Warfare - Drama and Comedy
  • Equestria News - Offical News Channel (believed subject of Bribary by Celestia to broadcast "lies in News")
  • The Ponyz - Cartoon/Drama/Comedy - A Cartoon that shows ponies in a sterotypical 'African American' setting (i.e being Gang Members, Gold Teeth)
  • True Equestria Story - A show that talks about several characters in the game 'that spiraled down from a giant to nothing but small time/papparazi abuse" the Host is an ASTC Ex-Soldier that eventually gets killed on the 3rd episode and replaced by Iron Shwartz in the 4th. (Characters Like: Celestia, Pinkie Pie, Spitfire etc)

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