Revenge is the 63rd mission in Equestrian Revelations Canon Timeline


After 2 months of being in a Coma Brutus Wakes up in the hospital bed. While Brutus was in a coma, the Aztecans have increased their power, and wealth due to Brutus' Absence, yet the Royal Guard and other gangs have made it hard.

It is also confirmed, in the intro cutscene by a Royal Guard Member that Denise had died 2 weeks after being shot (She is found knocked out and wounded, when the player returns from the Previous mission, in the outro)

After Brutus wakes up in the Ponyvile Hospital, he arrives to his House to find out that Luna is currently back in Canterlot dealing with Praetorlanii-Royal Guard affairs, Denise is dead (Revealed to Brutus), Artemis has been attacking and clearing out Aztecan Safehouses, and Lana has resorted to Drug Dealing and has devolped Cocaine Addiction, the only inhabitants of the house appear to be Lana, Earl, Vikram, Enki and James Porter.

After asking Lana, Enki and James about The State of Ponyvile, Brutus retraces steps back to the Town Square only to find several corpse outlines, and his destroyed/graffitied vehicle.


  • Get Home
  • Get to the Town Square, to retrace your steps.
  • Get Into The Car.
  • Go to the Royale owned Black Market.
  • Interogate the Owner for Dimenz's location.
  • It's a Trap! Arm yourself.
  • Clear out the Black Market
  • Get Back in the Car.
  • Chase down Dimenz
  • DImenz is dead, now to kill the Anunnaki bastard that Shot you.
  • (After Police Scanner states about a Bold Tall Aztecan covered in bandages is wanted for stealing a car)
  • (Optional) That Crashed ASTC Truck might have some useful materials
  • (Optional) Pickup the C4 you found.
  • Destroy the Miami!
  • Kill Osirus.


  • The Mission is a reference to Trauma and Assault from the 2012 indie game Hotline Miami.
  • Navin References that Artemis has been attacking numerous Aztecan Royales safehouses, this is reference to Hits Diversion.
  • Although throughout the storyline Shining Armor thought that Dimenz was the leader of the Aztecan Royales, although it was revealed that he was just the leader of the Ponyvile Royales, and Miguel Azteccos was the true leader.

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