"A Mysterious Base in the clouds, that helps create the Weather and make it "perfect" but the soil can be much more fertile if you Destroy the base. also you need to stop the unknown going ons of a mystic force of Black Knights entering and leaving the base with Pegasi Fillies and Colts" - Twilight Sparkle, There be a Shitstorm a Brewin'

The Rainbow Factory or Fort Foxtrot to the Enclave Forces is a Mysterious Military Base that helps control the Weather in Equestria and a "Culling" Base, the base is also used for Training of the Enclave forces for the future preperation of Taking Over Equestria.


In the 960's Aztecan interest in equestria grew to "Civilise" and Modernise Equestria, the Pegasi Knowing that the Aztecan Government wanted to take over the Country, turned the Weather Altering Factory into a Military base to Train Pagasi the Pegasi Government had found out that a quarter of the soldiers were not good enough for combat, so they were "put to a test" if they failed they were killed at the base, grounded into Blood and the meat used to Feed the Soldiers, this made the soldiers Strong and Violent in Combat and some became cannibalistic. By the 1040's The Pegasi decided to Take over the Country, only having 10,000+ Soldiers and the Royal Guard having 500,000 Soldiers with 10,000 Mercenaries and 60,000 AEDF Troops made it nearly impossible to take over the Country completly. By the 1067 Conscription was inlaw by the Pegasi Government because of this over 26,000 Troops rose to 1,000,000 Troops, but the Pegasi Army still could not take over the country yet. An AEDF Spy in Power Armor was found and Executed by Factory Staff and Scientests Tested on the Armor eventually Designing new Power Armor in the Base by 1100 within one week enough of the armor was produced for the 1,000,000+ Soldiers and the Pegasi were prepared for an Attack. By 1253 The base was heavily protected by Anti-Aircraft and Enclave Forces, making it nearly impossible to attack the base without An Army.



  • The Rainbow factory is based off of the Infamous Fanfiction The Rainbow factory
    • The Destruction of the base is a reference to a comic Called the "Assault on the Rainbow Factory"

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