The Rail Cannon is a Heavy Energy Weapon. Having a 30 round Magazine (Although 5 as the rail cannon uses five with every fire) The Rail Cannon is also a extremely effectivie weapon against hordes of Zombies, Enemies in Heavily armed vehicles (particully Huey Mk.II and Vertibirds) and low health bosses (Griffanius, Berrachurumus and Delta)


The Weapon Pictured. Mod for New Vegas


Designed in the Late 1970's by ASTC Scientests the rail cannon was based off a Nazi Telsa Weapon but instead of firing high voltage electricity and the high probabillity of Friendly fire damage which that caused fired a beam of energy that would instantly kill 50 enemies where it hit and automatically blow up a heavily armed tank. After firing the weapon any electrical equipment nearby would be fried and unable to use, even if heavily repaired.


The Rail Cannon deals 17800 Damage and has a High range, like many of the weapons in the game it has no Recoil, the default version holds 30 "rails" but 5 rails are fired at a time, with each rail using 3560 per Rail. The Rail Cannon is normally equipped by Praetorlanii Elites , and Brutes.


  • Universal Hibutulator - Now only uses 1 instead of 5, x10 Damage, +50% Accuracy and +5 Recoil.
  • Extented Mag - Times Mgazine size by 2 (30-60)
  • Telsa Coils - Increases Damage by 10%, Magazine faster to reload

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