The Raebeloniaii or Rebeloniaii in modern equestrian, or Ta-Jaurni-Asurus in Raebeloniian were a Human faction native to the lands south of Neightrots, and in the area of Canterlot.


During Early Equestria, many emperors wiped out the Rebeloniians fearing they would wipe out the Equestrian Culture. The Raebeloniaiians had a society similar to Modern Day man, where every one was equal, although the Raebeloniaiians were very similar to the Greeco-Roman civilizations of terra otherwise.

The Ancient Raebeloniian military was composed mostly out of heavily armored cavalry and cavalry archers, they had also had a massive navy composed of Biremes and Quadriremes.

Most of the Raebeloniaiians would evacuate north of what is now the Dhurtanese Republic (Another Equisian Human race)


The Raebeloniaiian language, otherwise known as Kuristian bares many similarities to the Germanic Languages, and Greeco-Roman languages of Terran Humans. The Raebeloniaiian Names were similar to the names of Terran Native Northern American people for example: Walker-of-many-Winds or Howling Deer.


  • The Raebeloniaiians bare some similarities to Sioux Native Americans of Terra, both have similar names, and both were warlike, and both were mostly wrecked by another Invasive group.
  • It is explained that why the Pegasi and the Raebeloniaiians had a similar culture was because that some millenia before the Equestrian Empire was formed, that both were originally part of an older Faction called the Jurinaeans (Raebeloniaiian for Mixed Species Tribe)

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