"he Praetorlanii is a Very Advanced Faction and is a force to be reckoned with. Advanced Armor, Training and a Very Powerful Arsenal this faction makes ASTC look like Swiss Cheese, full of holes"Edit

The Praetorlanii is a Major faction of the game, and the most powerful, formed in mid 1253 by Brutus. The Praetorlanii was formed to get rid of the corrupt Aztecan Government from Equestria and was to act like a mercenary army for Equestria. The Praetorlanii is formed in the 56th mission What Goes Around... and the first Praetorlanii Battle/War was the Aztecan Royale-Praetorlanii War, the Battle of Downtown Canterlot was their First battle which happens during the 67th mission ...Comes Around.





The Praetorlanii use a Large amount of vehicles they are under Eras:

Early Era (Mid Act I - Early Act II) 

Mid Era (Destroy 5 Gangs)

Millitary Era (Destroy 15 Gangs)

Super-Technological Era



  • The Praetorlanii wear a mixture of Greeco-Roman Armor Clothing, and Spandex suits, with heavy armour, much like that of Future Soldiers (i.e black head to toe suits with knee, arm and leg bands/armor and motorbike like helmets or advanced helmets) in some cases the armor is a black version of the Fallout Combat Armour. In the Elite, Lightning Trooper and Power Armor Soldiers wear T-51b, T-45d, T-61s, Combat Armor, T-78 (Fo:TBoS Armor) T-52 (Enclave Fo2 Armor) and T-52a (Advanced Power Armor MkII) and the X407 Prototype Armor

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