Ponyville is a town in the Equestrian Republic, one of the main settings of the series Equestrian: Revelations, and home to the several main characters. Ponyville is first featured in the first mission cinematic, and is the setting for most of the Act I Missions. Ponyvile is Destroyed in One of the Act IV Missions, and is succeded by Ponyvile Ultima Which was built "out of the ashes like a pheonix built on war effort and the Las Pegas Hiest Money which totaled in over 200 million dollars"

Decipition in Equest: RevEdit

Unlike the Ponyvile in MLP:FiM the Equest Rev Variant has had "over 10 years of devolpment in just 1 year" including the first skyscraper in the town, a large complex sewer system, several more houses, a pantheon, several clothing and weapons stores, a saloon, several warehouses, a Car Dealer, a Fuel Station, and a Super Market.

Other buildings include: Royal Guard Barracks and Principa, a Train Station, The Original Town Hall, a retirement home, a Hospital, a Library (and Twilight's House) a Blacksmith and a gunsmith, a Clocktower, a School, A General Store, a Corner Bakery, a spa, a Crack House, a Boutique, a Costume Shop, a Bookshop, a Bowling Alley, a Pharmacy, a Joke Shop, Cafe, a Bunch of stands, a quill and sofa shop, a pet store, a farm, a Hardware Store, a Jeweler, and a Arcade games and Video Games store.


Ponyville is bordered by the Everfree Forest and, a mountain is within walking distance of the town. Canterlot's mountain is also visible from the town. A hydroelectric dam is situated near the edge of a waterfall, upstream of the town.


DO NOT ADD MLP:FiM AS CANON TO THE HISTORY AS THE TIMELINE DIVERGES FROM IT (and what i mean is Granny Smith talking about when it was founded (when she was 8-12 years old)

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