Neightrots, originally the Capital of the defunct Equestrian Empire, After the year 182 CE, without a powerful army exsisting the Equestrian Empire was renamed to Equestria, and the Capital was moved to Canterlot


in the year 2161 BCE, an expedition force from the Equestrian Army was sent to 'The Ancient Order' the remnauts of what was originally where the three tribes were located, the area rich for building a city was built in the ruins of the pegasi capital. The only intact buildings were the mine (largely Buried in rock) and the Stone bricked Counciller's hall. After 10 years the City became the capital, and where the military was mainly stationed. within the 2000 years of it's name of capital was the main priority target by Rebelonaii Remnauts, Creepian Armies and Griffons from the northern Griffion Kingdoms. By 870 CE Creepian tribes (after 10 hours of breaking into the wall which was severly weakend but still strong after 700 years of disrepair finally collapsed) the Creepians went in and toke over the Site. By 1253 Neightrots was allowed to be partially owned by the Equestrian Government, although it wouldn't be intill 2 years later that the city was considered in the territorial control.


  • The Song playing while in the city is the Left 4 Dead the Sacrafice Theme.
    • Thier is no Song played when the city falls under Aztecan or Praetorlanii Control. The Song played under ASTC is Alternative 3 and Metallic Monks.

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