The Nationalists are a Militant faction in Northern Equestria in Equestrian Revelations. Also Known as the "Rebels" or Anti-Monarchists are a Rebel faction in Equestria. The Leader of the Nationalist Army is Highlands, who was Celestia's Lead Interrogator.


Formed in 1248 in the Town of Coltado, Highlands suffered from a Blackout in which supposably an Entity he would refer to as "Acanexu" visited him and told him to overthrow his Leader, and kill the "Chosen One" who would arrive between 3-8 Years. After This Highlands started to suffer from Depression, and Obsession with Dark magic, and Killing Celestia. By 1252 The Nationalists shown themselves to be the biggest threat to the Royal Guard having made their biggest operations in Ponyvile, but the problem was with the Aztecan-Equestrian Coalition having made several major changes, A Swarm of Aztecan Gangs threatened the Nationalists. By Febuarius 1253 The Nationalists power destroyed all but The Aztecan Royales, whom weakened the Nationalist Forces in Ponyvile. The Nationalists were the most popular upcoming Major Political Party, Having Assliminated Every Town and Population Centre around Coltado.

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