The ASTC MNE-225 is an Partially-Automated Combat Airplane that appears in Equestrian Revelations. While it's Naetorian Successor The MNE-230 ECB appears in Equestrian Revelations and it's Continuations.


The MNE is a large (Roughly three times the size of the B52) Elite Nuclear Cluster Bomber and can hold a maximum of 8 Nuclear Weapons and 150,000 rounds of 150mm Ammuntion, the MNE225 is powered by 8 Combustion Engines.


As ASTC were originally only 50 years ahead of it's own governments time, in the year 1982 (5 years before ASTC refined technologies and were 150 years ahead of it's time) Lead Engineering Scientest and Father of Jackson Porter requested to Paul Anderson (the current ASTC leader of the time) that most vehicles to be automated, in case an Alien Invasion or another global war were to arise to wipe out the American Government, that the vehicles and robots would continue thier mission to annhiliate those threats.

Originally a B52 Bomber was tested to be automated, the AI Functioned perfectly yet it could not have the ability to refuel or resupply ammunition by itself due to it's size, temporarliy the problem was fixed with AACS Cyborgs. By 1995 The B52ACS was replaced with the newer, more advanced, automated MNE225 which although still needed a Pilot to reason and control the plane if it were to be destroyed. Also Unlike the B52 Bomber the MNE225 is more suited and defensive against Energy Weapon and Nuclear Weapons fire.




  • PTLMB - In One of the Hangers
  • Can Be Spawned by the Cheat: FORTRESSPLANE

MNE HuntingEdit

A Diverson can be done to find 4 different, unique MNE225s, in order to do this a fast plane such as the XF108 , F111, or a Super Hornet and a Parachute is required. The Four Different ones can be found in these areas:

  • Near Destroyed MNE225 - An older, falling apart, rusted MNE255 can be found flying around ASTC NX-87 Automated Air Base, or Stalliongrad.
  • Golden MNE225 - A Metallic Golden MNE225 can be found flying around Las Pegasus.
  • Aztecan MNE225 - An MNE used by the Aztecans can be found flown around Azteca.
  • Fortress Variant - An MNE that looks exactly like the one seen in the Fortress video is seen around Manehatten. The Aircraft also has no driver.

MNE Hunting is partically hard because MNEs are armed with with 150mm Cannons which will shred even the most toughest planes apart, and even if players survive that, they have the partically hard job of sucessfully landing on the plane.


  • The MNE-225 is based on the Aircraft Seen in the Video
    • Also The Automated System, XF108 and the Fortress Variant also are references to the Video Itself.
  • The MNE-225 is the Most powerful vehicle in the game, armed with the second most powerful usable weapon and the Most Powerful Weapon, and the Speed of the Concorde, along with nearly industructable armor, the Aircraft is particully useful in Aircraft-Based Survivals, the only downside of the vehicle is it's massive size.

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