Single action, semi automatic pistol adopted by the Royal Guard prior to 1252. Powerful and rugged, the M1911 holds seven rounds in its magazine. Effective range of 50 feet ~ Shining Armor, in Bye, Bye Birdy!


The M1911A1 is a Single Action, Semi Automatic Handgun that uses .45 ACP rounds, and uses 7, 14 or 18 round M1911 magazines, it has a damage of 70 (140 with headshots) has, Low Recoil, and 50 Accuracy Points.

The M1911 can be found quite commonly as many NPCs use it.


  • Full Auto
  • Suppressor
  • Stock
  • Grip
  • Upgraded Iron Sights
  • Reflector Sights
  • Fast Magazine
  • ACOG Sight
  • Dual Wield
  • Long Barrel
  • Tactical Knife
  • Laser Sight


  • M1911A1 .45 ACp

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