The M60 is a Tier II Machine Gun in Equestrian Revelations. 



7.62mm, 7.62mm Hollow Point, 7.62mm Pulse, 7.62mm Incendiary, 7.62mm Armor Piercing, 7.62mm Explosive, 7.62mm FMJ, 7.62mm Plasma, 7.62mm Cluster, 7.62mm Acid, 7.62mm Nitrogen, 7.62mm Tracer, 7.62mm Plastic, 7.62mm Poison, 7.62mm Fuel, 7.62mm ball


26 (1 Round)



Magazine Size

100 Rounds


In The Beginning...

Rate of Fire

500 rounds/minute

Strength Needed



75 Guns

Other Information


Unique Version?

Yes, The Bird


The M60 has a 100 Magazine Count, and because of this the player only has to worry about reloading when in the Survival Diversion, When Encountering Large amounts of enemies, or when fighting bosses, although when reloading the time is extremely long, unless the Fast Reloading perk is obtained, or the Chain Magazine Mod is used. The M60 also has lower Hip Accuracy, High Recoil (The M60 is one of many weapons that show some form of recoil) The M60 also weighs 10.5 KGs.


  • Chain Magazine (Player Walks Faster, -10% Weight)
  • ACOG Sight
  • Red Dot Sight
  • Hybrid Sights
  • Infared Sights
  • Grip
  • Recoil Compensator
  • Ghost Ring Sights

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