Kicked is a Mission in the Canon Series of the Campaign . The mission focuses on stealth , and cover. The mission is awarded by Celestia after Le Bomb it is also only avaliable in the Canon Series.

NPC ListEdit

Allies are Royal Guard

Enemies are Snipers, Royales, Mercenaries, Royal Guard (if wanted level is obtained)

Neutral are Civilans, Other Groups/factions


  • Go to Hanger 1
  • Kill the Royale
  • Kill the Sniper
  • Go to Hanger 2
  • Kill the Royales
  • Op.1 - Find more ammunition in the Hanger office
  • Op.2 - Using the STG-44, Kill Everyone in the Bunker (Stealth Sequence Ended)
  • Op.1 - Find the Tank
  • Op.2 - Kill your way to the Tank
  • Op.1 - Kill the Guards guarding the Tank
  • Get into the tank
  • Destroy the Royale Safehouse
  • Kill Remaining Royales
  • Return to Canterlot

Weapons Found in LevelEdit

 Given WeaponsEdit

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