Humbleton or The Hub is Equestria's largest trading City, well known that the city was Constructed by the Nosers called that, because of there large noses. In the 3980's BCE the 'Nosers' found large, uninhabited plains and built a small villiage, after 10 months of trading with the Aztecans the Village Became a City and was named 'Humbleton'


Major Quests/MissionsEdit


  • The Nickname for Humbleton is a reference to 'The Hub' from the Fallout Series.
    • Furthermore a dying ASTC Supermutant can be found in a cave in the canyons, which was run over by a street racer and was dragged in there, by a Deathclaw, the supermutant will tell Brutus before he dies, that ASTC will attack Humbleton within 80 Days Unless the Quest Hypidas says Vale is completed, if the Player uses Stimpacs to get him to a health of a 100, the Super Mutant will become a companion and Reveal his name to Bob Homing.

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