Have a Nice trip! is the 48th Mission in the Fall of Equestria Addon. The mission's Protagonist is Brutus (who appears as the Protagonist in Nearly every other mission) 


Have a nice trip starts out with Shining Armor revealing to brutus, about to say that he and most of the Canterlot Royal Guard are on the caribou's side, untill Dainn and One of his sons appear, after exchanging words, The Praetorlanii, STAG, Aztecan Army, Caribou, Royal Guard, and Griffion Mercenaries Arrive at the Scene, Dainn's Son Revealing his is on the Griffion's side, while Brutus, The Aztecans, STAG and PTL stand against the Corrupt Government and their Adversaries, whilest the Mercs terrorise both sides. Sometime during the Fighting brutus runs into a window, about to go "ninja" brutus gets injured and surounded by the Enemy, who drug him with a Heroin/Ketamine Hybrid drug, Brutus Trips out, falls asleep (with his consious reflecting on his past) he then wakes up in the middle of the desert with his Vehicle, which turns out empty, Brutus goe's under the effects of Dehydration and falls on consious, brutus wakes up in his dorm in Maryson Military Base, where Artemis states that a group of Reasoner-Aztecan Hunting groups discovered him unconsious, one the Aztecans (In Their 70's) along with one of the reasoners were able to drop him off, along with his vehicle at the Military Base.


  • Go to the Canterlot National Forest
  • Speak with Shining Armor
  • Destroy the Helicoptor
  • Escape the Forest


A lot of the deaths were either seen/heard or mentioned in a newspaper

Dainn II - Desembowelment (Dainn's Son)

Hozorus - Headshot

Nexus - Explosion

Unamed Characters

57 Griffion Mercs

23 Caribou

68 Royal Guard

4 Aztecans


  • The mission is Based off (x) in GTA V and The Mission (x) in Saints Row II
    • The Song "Shine A Light" Plays during the "Memory scene"
    • Further more the drug trip looks vaguely similar to Micheal's Trip
  • The Song played during the Trip scene is Lemonade - Big Weekend, which plays on Electronica 98.7
    • The Song is Played in NFS:Hot Pursuit (2010) which inspired certain races, driving, vehicles in Equestrian Revelations
  • During the Trip scene: Rampage (Brutus Killing multiple Canterlot Citizens) Rape (Brutus is Forced raped by an Unknown Female Alicorn (Only Mentioned), and is revealed to have raped Luna)  Grand Theft Auto (Brutus stealing several Cars) Being Carried by Several Royal Guard and Brainwashing (which is Revealed to have Failed)

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