Endgame is the 73 mission in Equestrian Revelations and the final mission in Act 1.


Endgame has the player go to Aztecco's Manion (Across the road from the Twilight's Residence) in which there will be two Royales armed with Katanas at the front, as soon as the player kills them they are to go inside, kill the Royale in the Hallway, and the two heavies in the garage. The Player must go upstairs (as the rest of the mansion is blocked off in the mission.

Brutus is confronted by Azteccos, three tamed wolves, two bodyguards armed with Katanas, Julianne Azteccos, and two other female royales armed with Mini-Uzis.

Boss FightEdit

At first the player will be attacked by the wolves, the first one is slow, while the second one will wait until Brutus gets away from the column, and at which it will charge at the player. WIP


Azteccos: So Your Brutus Gaius of the Praetorlanii? You destroyed 75% of our infrastructure in a day? You Survive being shot in the head, and the chest, and you being causing problems since Octurii. 

Azteccos: The Look of revenge for that whore, and murder in your eyes. Looks like your not here to chat. Let's get this over with.


Azteccos: You...are a twisted sick peace of shit, killing my sons and daughters, I will spare you the pleasure! 


Old Bird: Hello? Who is this? Hello?

Old Bird: Damn Fangled technology! I'm too old for this shit!


Old Bird: You must be the one causing the ruckus.

Old Bird: Get this over with. I've done so many horrible things. I betrayed my family for my own greed.

Old Bird: Corrupted my Family name. Lived a couple of thousand years waiting for some my one to end me.

Old Bird: Just fucking do it already.


  • Endgame is based off of Showdown from Hotline Miami.
  • Due to the name, many players were confused and thought that Endgame was the Last mission.
  • This is the first main mission not to give objectives, as it simply gives co-ordinates for the player to the location, and the simple objective: "Get revenge, and finish once the royales and for all".

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