Creepers, or Crepia Creepus are a faction, That are a very Hive Like Scientific-Militaristic Faction


Creepers are between 1 to 16 feet tall, depending on the Creeper, Creepers resemble Humans and are Closely related to them, Creepers are Monotremes, meaning they lay eggs instead of Live Birth, Creepers come in a wide of different colors: Green, Blue, Gray, Black, Red, Orange, Grey, Purple and Teal, Creepers do not have any arms, as they have long devolved this feature


The Creeper species have different types based on their Appearence, Diet and Workforce:

  • Creeper Worker - Creepers around 1-2 feet tall, these creepers when scared, will swarm around their enemy, making impossible for that person/npc/mob to move. HP: 50, Attack: None Armor: None.
  • Juggernaut Creeper - Large Creepers around 6-9 feet tall, they are the Walking Death. HP: 150 Attack: 210, Armor: 60
  • Soldier Creeper: Creepers who have decied to Fight for the Queen, Neutral, Unless Attacked HP: 80, Attack: Depends on Weapon, Armor: 10
  • Legionairy Creeper: Creepers that are legionairies, nothing Special, HP: 120, Attack: Depends on Weapon, Armor: 40
  • Feral Creepers: Creepus Explodus Creepers who never evolved reasoning, They attack everything but other Feral Creepers, oh and they explode HP: 160 Attack: 600 Armor: None


Creeper Colonies are Large underground bases, used by The Six Familes, Each Colony Looks Different, Has More Control, and Different Ideology:

  • Dimensua Family - Military - Use Conscription and Imports High Power Weaponry from Griffin Kingdoms
  • Morati - Scientific - Brains over brawn, any soldiers are mercenaries from Equestria, Aztecan Empire and Griffania.
  • Sodisus - Totalitarianism - A Happy Hive, Very Little Violence, Very Good for Bringing up a Family
  • Dosus - Mixed - Basically the Ruling Family, A Mix of All of Them
  • Cortati - Culture - This Hive Focuses on Culture and Religion, War and Science are Almost non-exsistent to them
  • Axui - Xenophobic - This Hive is unknown, nobody gets in, Nobody Gets out, Theories include: They are Satanic, The Hive is Inhabitented by Ghosts, or that the Hive doesn't even exsist

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