Code PEGA IV was a Pegasus/Cloudsdalen Project introduced in 764 C.E where if a Pegasus were to fail the Flight Test would be executed and grinded into a liquid used to power the controversial Wheather makers, used to change the wheather. The Headquarters are located in Cloudsdale (only acessiable before Over a Rainbow and Cloudsdale is only acessable a Plane/Helicoptor) the facility is heavily fortified and has over 3350 Guards.


  • Fluttershy (Escaped and hid in everfree for 2 years before capture)
  • Scootaloo


  • Code Pega IV and the HQ are Refrences to Rainbow Factory, the HQ is also called the Rainbow Factory
  • Unlike the Rainbow Factory rainbow dash is not the overseer/overmare of it, she was elected for it but after she toured it, she then denied the election after and Tould Celestia and Cloudsdale's Leader and the Aztecan Equestrian Allience minister they all denied it saying the factory is a ubran legend and doesn't exsist.
  • After the factory survived the remaining scientests and guards would become The Pegasus Enclave .

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