Centurions are elite soldiers of the Royal GuardNaetorian Millitary ,  Creepian Tribes , Canterlot Guard , Aztecan Army , and Rompony Empire . and The Remnaut Zebra Legion in the Wasteland DLC


In the Roman Empire's army there were legions (100 in each) the legionaires were led by One Centurion and a standard bearer, there were armed with a Gladius , Pilum , Daggers , Shields or Sometimes Bows. The Centurions were also used by The Byzantines in the Dark/Middle Ages. There is no Army on earth that has a Centurion leading instead, armies have a officer .

Equipped ItemsEdit

  • Equestrian Centurion Armor (Royal Guard, Canterlot Guard) Aztecan (Aztecan Army) Rompony Centurion Armor (Romponies, Naetorians) Helmet (All) Patchwork (Zebra Remnaut/ Wasteland DLC) Creepian Centurio Armor (Creepian Tribes)
  • Gladii , Stoner63 , Spear , Scutum , M1911 (Royal Guard)
  • Longsword, M249 SAW, Scutum, Pancor Jackhammer (Canterlot Guard)
  • Longsword , L77 Laxita , Riot Shield (Netorian)
  • AES10 , Machete , Riot Shield (Creepian)
  • Gladii, Spear, M249 SAW, Glock 86, M16A4  (Rompony/Zebra)
  • Raygun Mk.II /Glock 86 , Plasmian /Machete, Laser Shield (Aztecan)
  • Stimpacks (x2, x4)
  • Healthpack+ (x1)
  • $5-$1000 Money (Bits, Teo, Denarii, Cruxia)
  • Other Items

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