Hyperior Burrus

The Hyperior Burrus is a Direct Energy Weapon powered by Micro-fusion Cells . It is Unlocked When the Tier V weapons are unlocked. The Burrus has a damage of between 438 - 567 (depending on the skill level of Energy Weapons



Microfusion Cells


Big Deal, Problem?


438-567 (Energy Weapons Skill, Under 75) 654-850.5 (Energy Weps. 75)


75 Energy Weapons

Strength Needed


Other Information

No information




2.4 Km


The Hyperior Burrus is a Direct Energy Weapon powered by Micro-fusion Cells in a Large Triangular Magazine Box Located under the Barrel. The Weapon has 8 Selective Options from Low Power (Light Blue) to High Power (Maroon) The Higher the option the more deadly, with the light blue which shocks your enemies and Maroon killing them turning them to Ash or Goo and is a mix between Plasma, Laser and Mikrowave (Hyperior's Cooler term for Microwave) the Weapon is only Available Light Blue to Fluro Green for Civilians (in a cool looking Cold Tiger (Blue Tiger) Camo with the Military Version having Cool Jet Black, Gold and Carbon Fibre. The Picture shows the Factory Model with a Grey Body with all non-metal parts in Carbon Fibre. The Weapon also has Scope for Long Range Killing.


With an Average DAM of 438-567 when the Energy Weapons is under 100%, but when over that the DAM is multiplied by 1.5 (0.5) increasing the DAM to 654-850.5. The Burrus has a Magazine size of 30 and a very High accuracy and Range due to the scope. The Burrus is a very good weapon past the Energy Weapons skill of 100% only beaten by Tactical Nuclear Launchers and Rail Cannons


  • Tesla Coils - Increases DAM (+15)
  • Extended Magazines - Increase Magazine Size, Increase Weight (+30, +2%)
  • High Power Scope - Increases Range, Zoom and Accuracy

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