Although EQR has never adapted into a game at the current moment, even at it's current stage there were features ultimately scrapped.


  • Originally Equestrian Revelations was a Fanfiction under the name of Grand Theft Auto: Hatrai City, The fan Fiction was never released. Another fanfiction from before GTAHC while it never had a proper name, it is currently named the Naetorian Universe, which involved a Parody of Land Before Time, Non-Equestrian Naetorians, and Time Traveling, these two universes were merged into an Alpha Equestrian Revelations, in late 2011. The Equestrian Revelations Modern Form was devolped around August of 2012


  • The Naetorians were originally known as the Netorians and before that The New Romans, the change of the Netorians to Naetorians were changed to reflect that the Naetorians were mainly based on the Romans, and the Changing from New Romans to Netorians was because of the Name New Romans would contradict itself.
  • Two Antagonistic groups from the Original Naetorian Universe called the Tyrannians and the Velocari Empire were cut.


  • Several missions which had to do with the Joshua Character were cut.


  • Most Hatrai City and Naetorian Universe Characters were scraped apart from Troy, Rio, Troy Mosson, Brutus, Jackson, Mikayla Mosson and Navin.
  • A Character called Joshua Was Cut.


  • Hatrai State was cut.
  • Naetorian Ultimax Fourlands was cut


  • A Successor to the Beretta 682 called the Beretta 692 was planned.
  • Several Hyperior Weapons were different from their current designs.

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