Are you looking for the character nicknamed and mentioned by Brutus? Your looking for Antonio.

Bandaras is the Gaian Family Dog that appears in Equestrian Revelations. Bandaras is a German Shephard and is one of many possible companions throughout Equestrian Revelations, and is one of the Gaian Family Pets


Bandaras is one of Brutus' Possible Companions and because of this he can carry upto 100 kilograms of weight.


Brutus rescues Bandaras after assaulting an Aztecan Crackhouse, then only a puppy, by the time Bandaras is a young adult Brutus is in a Coma.


  • Bandaras is named after the nickname that Brutus use to call someone before his capture by ASTC, the nickname for the person was "Antonio Banderas"
    • Antonio Banderas is a known Male Spanish Actor made famous by the Phillidelphia, and Truth or Dare films.
  • The name for Bandaras is actually mispelt, it is supposed to be BANDERAS instead if Bandaras.
  • Bandaras is an Allusion to movies such as Mad Max: The Road Warrior, and A Boy and his Dog, and being an Allusion to the Fallout games, as the Protagonist

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