Azun, Bye

For: Princess Celestia

Target: Azun Nuxicol

Location: The Royal Palace,Canterlot

Fail: Player Dies/Busted, Aztecoatl is Killed/Wounded

Reward: Tier 2 Weapons, $2000,Canterlot Fame, Royal Guard Fame,Celestia Fame


Unlocks: Today Was a Good Day

Unlocked By: Kicked

Gangs/Groups Met: Royal Guard, Aztecan Royales

Azun, ByeEdit

Is the 34th mission in the game, and 24th for the Act. it is given by Celestia by Brutus after Kicked. it can only be gained by the Canon Timeline


  • Follow the Gang-Members.
  • Get the Sniper Rifle
  • Get in The Helicopter
  • Kill Azun


The Player will unlock all Tier 2 Weapons, gain $2000, celestia, Royal Guard and Canterlot Fame, but gains Aztecan Royale Infamy aswell. The Player will also unlock Today Was a Good Day

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