"Radiation Storm" - Athenius Theme

" Explorers, and ASTC Troops talk of an abandoned/ruined city in the west of the Deserts" EQR Loading Screen


Athenius is an abandoned Annunaki City built 20,000 to a 3,000,000 years before the events of EQR. Although most of the above ground area is in Ruins (except the Temple and Boneyard areas) the underground is heavily populated by Radroaches, Annunaki, Reasoners, and Wannamingos. the city was abandoned by the annunaki because of a radiation bomb that heavily irradiated the area. The Area is composed of Egyptian/Greeco-Roman like arcitecture.



Suprise Motherfuckas - Save The mane 6, Destroy the Pyramid and the City and Annhiliate the Annunaki.


  • Athenius and part of the events of the mission is based off Equestria Redemption BC
  • The Temple and the cult and the Annunaki is based off of the Unity from the First Fallout
  • The Annunaki worship an Unexploded bomb similar to that of the Mutants from Escape from the Planet of the apes and Megaton from Fallout 3.

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