The AR series of guns were devolped by ArmaLite during the 50's-60's the first being the AR-5.



Appearences: Numerous Cutscenes, In-Game

The AR-5 is a .22 Round Shotgun Rifle, it has average Power, low ammo count and Terrible Range.


Appearences: Numerous Cutscenes, In-game Weapon
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The AR-10 is a Semi-Automatic rifle with Long range, and high performing power, it is unlock in level 14 of Competitive Multiplayer.


Appearences: Numerous Cutscenes, In-Game Weapon

It is a M16 set to Semi-Automatic fire, still retaining it's high power and an even higher magazine count (being 40), slower Rate of Fire, High Range and Accuracy.


Appearences: Numerous Cutscenes, Nazi German Drop, In-Game Weapon.

The AR35 is a Non-ArmaLite weapon and sucessor to the StG-44, and Replacement to the StG45 Program. It has a High Fire Rate, Fast Magazine Reload, Average Acurracy, and Long Range, but Small Magazine size (of 20) The AR-35 is Chambered in 7mm.

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The AR55, Do not confuse with the M4


Appearences: Googling Cutscene, In-Game

The AR55 is a Experimental, Soon to be Successor to the AR15 and M16 Models, and are used, by ASTC Scouts.

Powerful Range and Accuracy, High Firepower, 3-Round Burst Weapon, but can only Fire in bursts without Selective Fire.


  • Despite being American, the AR35 is a Nazi German Automatic Assault Rifle.
  • ArmaLite Sold Some rights to Colt for the Production of the M16

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