"Who The Fuck are the Anunnaki?" -- Desnio Blankenship Gaian

The Anunnaki are a race of Avian like entites who are mentioned Several times in Equestrian Revelations and are finally seen in the Athenius Mission.


The Anunnaki originate from Niburu which in turn orbits the Pleiades star Atlas. The Anunnaki are one of the oldest Dyodronised factions in the Universe and the second most advanced. 2,000,000 years before the events of Equestrian Revelations the Anunnaki Experimenting with minerals and weaponry went to Equis to mainly experiment with Genetics and Terrformation. Their Experiments include Rail bombs, DNA transfer, and Species Identification. Shortly after a Nuclear weapon was launched by Reptillian forces to cause a Universal War on Martians, the missile which was Forged with Admant and designs of the annunaki. This caused the martians to believe that they were attacked by the Anunnaki despite the fact they have not used a nuclear weapon since the 600 millions BCE. This caused equis to be heavily irradiated causing many of the eratatic species and Biome Anomolies. On inspection of the weapon reveled that it was badly built showing that it was built by the Reptilians this caused a universal war between the "gods that fought the "titans" 2 Million years later on Earth the Anunnaki fearing after several signs of what was originally the ozone had shown signs that the Planet was at risk of heavy Solar radiation, Asteroid Strikes, Solar Flare EMPs and Greenhousing, knowing that gold could be used to repair Nibiru's layer of Ozone they headed to the best Canidate: Earth. By 2900 BCE the Anunnaki Had Got Enough Gold to repair their Ozone, along with Adding their Genes into the local primates the Anunnaki fearing the the Local primates would eventually come to invade them (along with several other reasons including their Barbarianism) One of their XNGZ-907 T.R.N.Ds (Tactical Railular Nuclear Device) fired a false positive 678 Izo-Nuclear Rail which struck and damaged the Pacific Plate causing a Global Tsunami that the Sumerians recorded and later became the Biblical Flood, Greek Flood Myths, Sume and Mesoamerican Flood Myths.

Because of Enki and his Father's Decision to save most of life on earth, The Anunnaki where heroised by the sumerians as Gods, with Enki becoming "God" and, the Anunnaki as "Angels" 

Since Then The Anunnaki are rarely heard of an most of their evidence of appearence and evidence on earth has been destroyed since then for thousands of years, mainly because of their oath not to return, unless of the Heroa or to save it from Reptillian invasion.


Through out Equisian Ruins and Beliefs the Anunnaki were thought to look like:

  • Rebelonaii/Other Human Groups: Humans/Angels
  • Equestrians/Griffions: Pony/Griffion Hybrids/Alicorns
  • Aztecans: Similar to them

As it turned the Aztecans were right the Anunnaki had the appearence of several predatory birds with the intellegence somewhat like that of Crows, but far more superior


  • The Anunnaki where based off the Gods of the Sumerian Mythology, along with Anunnaki Conspiracy Theories.

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