A Welcome to Remember




Canterlot, Equestria

Mission Objectives:

• ­Kill Emperor Aenaean


• ­Applejack: Rustling in the Air Tonight
• ­Shining Armor: Run Down


• ­Death


• ­Royal Guard Fame
• ­Equestria Fame
• ­RPG-7
• ­10 Packs of Rocket Launcher ammunition.

Continues from:

Hel Unleashed

A Welcome to Remember is the 6th Mission (2nd Chain Mission) in Equestrian Revelations. It is set in the Royal Hall in Canterlot, Equestria on Octuri 1253.


Unlike most missions, and atypical of Boss Fights, A Welcome to Remember does not have any intro cut-scenes, and uses the previous mission as a background. You Start in a small stairway, the mission starts as soon as the player walks into stairway in the previous mission is completed. The Stairway to the third floor is blocked by debris, the hallway consists of a small long room with locked (in the mission) doorways, there are several weapons (4-6) littered on the floor (These weapons are a range of tier 2 to 4 depending on your Luck) however a RPG-7 will always spawn along with some boxes of ammunition, here are the chance rates for other weapons:

All Percentages are base on the base luck:

Each weapon will be removed unless they are Tier 2, and for the mission will give x2-10 of their magazine ammunition (300 for M16A4 and XM8)

The Hallway also consists of many health potions or stimulation packages, random tier 1 armor and ammunition.

At the end of the door way is a large room, which consists of frosted glass, two stairways and a large pit. As Soon as the player enters the room, the door behind them is locked, and the possessed Aenaen appears, he will initiate a short dialogue, the player can reply with "Let's get this over with" and "what are your intentions" the second option requires a speech check of 25, and will reveal that Aenaen wants to Take over equestria and drive it to the dark ages, and splinter Equestria back to it's original state (squabbling city states) and collect the souls of the dead for Anexecu.

Boss FightEdit

Aenaean has 10,000 health points, hack and pierce armor of 50% and a crush armor of 99%, by this mission, the player should have the MG-08 from Wharehouse Madhouse, the MG-08 is useful for this mission for its fire rate (600), and magazine size of 200 rounds (The Player would get 600 rounds after Completing Wharehouse Madhouse by passing the 20 Speech Check, when talking to Shining Armor)

Aenaean takes extra damage (x2) from Magic and Energy based weapons, meaning that using the Laser Pistol would deal 200 damage instead of 100.

Aenaen has three attacks, a Melee magic Swipe attack, a Magic Bullet (Each bullet deals 30 Damage, x10 bullets for 1 second) attack, and finally a Fireball Attack (dealing 600 Damage) that is rarely used. Aenaean also has the Nercromancer perk, where he can revive dead NPCs, and make them attack the player, he can also (Used as a Main Attack) summon 5 Al Bazaars, 5 Zombies or 5 Skeleton Warriors against the player.

When Aenaen is killed, Equestria is turned back to normal, although many parts of Ponyvile, and Canterlot have been wrecked (and will remain so for 3 missions)

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