"The AK47M is a Russian 7.62mm Rifle commonly used by Tactical Teams, Militia, The Russian Governement and Gang bangers sports more range than the NATO M16A4 and M4A1" EQR Loading Screens

The AK47M is a Assault rifle Chambered in 7.62mm and is commonly used by Gang Members and the Aztecan Military


The AK47M is a fairly good starting Assault Rifle, only beaten by its older German counterpart the STG-44 and is chambered in the More Common 7.62mm

RGE: 400 Metres/440 Yards (Semi Automatic) 300 Metres/330 Yards (Automatic)

DAM: 70 (Semi Automatic) 210 (Burst) 70x5b (Automatic)

ACC: Very High (Semi/Burst) High (Automatic)

CST: 2000 (Fully Repaired) 1000 (Half Repaired) 500 (Quarterly Repaired) 0 (Not Repaired)

RoF: 100 rounds/min fully automatic

WGT: 7 (with Full Ammo) 6 (Without Ammo)



  • The AK47M Name is a Portmanteau of "AK47" and "AKM"

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